If you're looking for fun you don't have to travel far in Dublin. Each year the City hosts a variety of special events from the Dublin Kiwanis Frog Jump to the Jack Nicklaus' Memorial Golf Tournament and Dublin Irish Festival . Dublin's recreational programs and extensive parkland make it rich in both greenspace and leisure-time activities.

Dublin offers over 1,098 acres of developed parkland, 123 acres of undeveloped parkland, 56 developed parks ranging from wooded natural areas and river frontage to active, athletic facilities and over 100 miles of bikepath.


1. Amberleigh Community Park

2. Amberleigh Park3. Avery Park

4. Balgriffin Park

5. Ballantrae Community Park

6. Belvedere Park

7. Bishop's Run Park

8. Brandon Park

9. Brighton Commons Park

10. Bristol Commons Park

11. Bryson Cove Open Space

12. Campden Lakes Park

13. Coffman Park

14. Coventry Woods Park

15. Dalmore Park

16. Darree Fields

17. Donegal Cliffs Park

18. Dublin Spring Park

19. Dublin Veterans Park

19. Glendavon Park

20. Dublinshire Greenway

21. Earlington Park

22. Emerald Fields

23. Hawk's Nest Park

24. Heather Glen North Park

25. Heather Glen Park

25. Kendall Ridge Open Space

26. Hutchins Open Space

27. Indian Run Falls Park

28. Indian Run Meadows Park

29. Karrer Barn Open Space

30. Kendall Ridge Park

31. Killilea Park

32. Kiwanis Riverway Park

33. Llewellyn Farms Park

34. Llewellyn Farms South Park

35. Martin Commons Park

36. ML “Red” Trabue Nature Reserve

37. Monterey Park

38. Park Place Park

39. Post Preserve Park

40. Sam & Eulalia Frantz Park

41. Sandy Corners Park

42. Scioto Park

43. Scottish Corners Park

44. Shannon Glen Park

45. Shier-Rings Park

46. Smiley Park

47. Stonefield Park

48. Thaddeus Kosciuzsko Park

49. Trinity Park

50. Wedgewood Glen Park

51. Wedgewood Hills Park

52. Wellington Park

53. Westbury Park

54. Woods of Brighton Park

55. Woods of Indian Run

56. Wyndham Park

Park Courtesy and Rules

Hours of operation
Our parks are open for your enjoyment from dawn to dusk, unless otherwise noted at the park or during certain special events.

Keep it Clean
We're sure you'll find Dublin's parks and bikeways to be clean, beautiful places to enjoy with your family. The City strives to keep its parks, playgrounds and bikeways clean and free of litter. Please leave the parks as clean as you find them so that others will enjoy them as much as you do. Disposal of litter in public places is prohibited unless placed in public trash containers or using City-authorized containers as part of the City's refuse, recycling and yard waste collection programs.

We know your furry friends enjoy nature as much as you do. We ask you to be safe and courteous with your pets.

Animals may not run at-large in our parks. All animals must be under the owner's control at all times. All pets must be securely leashed or under direct control. That means Fido is within sight and hearing and will respond instantly to the minimum obedience commands of “come” and “sit” or “stay.” Otherwise, animals must be kept in a vehicle or be suitably caged.

Animal owners also must pick up and properly dispose of any fecal matter left by their pets. It's not just courteous — it's the law!

Horses are allowed in designated areas of Glacier Woods Metro Park.

Hunting and fishing
For the safety of our residents, hunting is forbidden in the City. Fishing is permitted in designated areas, including certain City park ponds and in the Scioto River (with a license). Please fish only in ponds where signs prohibiting fishing are not posted.

Respect our parks
Plants and animals also are part of the Dublin community. Please respect the plant and animal life and ecosystems of our natural areas. Enjoy the flowers, trees and other flora without picking or damaging plants. Touching or disturbing wildlife, including animal and bird nesting areas and eggs can be dangerous to humans — not to mention our flora and fauna! And please do not damage or remove any property or natural feature, including stones and minerals, earth, wood, and nuts. Take only pictures and leave only footprints in our parks.

Greater Columbus Green Map

The Greater Columbus Green Map charts the places where nature and the designed world interconnect using a standardized set of icons which can be read by people across the world. Over 1,500 “green” sites exist on the map along with a wealth of information about each one including address, contact information, hours of operation and more!

Visit the Greater Columbus Green Map website

Central Ohio Greenways

Pack a lunch, grab the dog or strap on rollerblades and head to the path that is sure to inspire you with the natural beauty that is Central Ohio.

Visit the Central Ohio Greenways website


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